The Early Church

Lesson 17 | Sabbath, 23 October 2021 “Thus it will ever be when the Spirit of God takes possession of the life. Those whose hearts are filled with the love of Christ, will follow the example of Him who for our sake became poor, that through His...
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The Church’s Mission

Lesson 16 | Sabbath, 16 October 2021 “Everyone who is connected with God will impart light to others. If there are any who have no light to give, it is because they have no connection with the Source of light.” –(Historical Sketches, p. 291)...
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Foundation of the Church

Lesson 15 | Sabbath, 9 October 2021 “The church on earth is God’s temple, and it is to assume divine proportions before the world. This building is to be the light of the world. It is to be composed of living stones laid close together, stone...
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Apple of His Eye

Lesson 14 | Sabbath, 2 October 2021 “From a race of slaves the Israelites had been exalted above all peoples to be the peculiar treasure of the King of kings. God had separated them from the world, that He might commit to them a sacred trust. He...
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The Remnant and a New Beginning

Lesson 13 | Sabbath, 25 September 2021 “With sorrow-stricken heart, the visitor from afar gazed upon the ruined defenses of his loved Jerusalem. And is it not thus that angels of heaven survey the condition of the church of Christ? Like the...
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Disobedience and Consequences

Lesson 12 | Sabbath, 18 September 2021 “‘So was Israel carried away out of their own land to Assyria,’‘ because they obeyed not the voice of the Lord their God, but transgressed His covenant, and all that Moses the servant of the Lo...
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Parable of the Vineyard

Lesson 11 | Sabbath, 11 September 2021 “The children of Israel were to occupy all the territory which God appointed them. Those nations that rejected the worship and service of the true God were to be dispossessed. But it was God’s purpose that...
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Schism in Israel

Lesson 10 | Sabbath, 4 September 2021 “With the rending of the kingdom early in Rehoboam’s reign the glory of Israel began to depart, never again to be regained in its fullness. At times during the centuries that followed, the throne of David...
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Origin of the Monarchy

Lesson 9 | Sabbath, 28 August 2021 “The Lord had, through His prophets, foretold that Israel would be governed by a king; but it does not follow that this form of government was best for them or according to His will. He permitted the people to...
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Under God’s Government

Lesson 8 | Sabbath, 21 August 2021 “The government of Israel was administered in the name and by the authority of God. The work of Moses, of the seventy elders, of the rulers and judges, was simply to enforce the laws that God had given; they...
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