Kids Corner – Water from The Rock

Hi Kids! This week we have an activity sheet for you and it’s all about the story of God providing Water in the desert, from a very unlikely source! Read more about it in Exodus 17.
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Kids Corner – The Prodigal Son

Hi kids, this week we are learning about another parable of Jesus. This time we will learn about the parable of the Prodigal Son which is found in Luke chapter 15. Do you know what “prodigal” means? It means “wastefully extravagant” ...
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Kids Corner – The Parable of the 10 Bridesmaids

Hi kids! This week we will be learning about the parable of the 10 Bridesmaids. You can find the Parable in your Bibles, in Matthew Chapter 25. One day Jesus and his disciples were sitting up on the Mount of Olives talking about the signs and...
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The Bread from Heaven

Hi Kids! This week we are learning about how the Lord provided food for the Israelites while they were stuck out in the desert for forty years. Can you believe He sent food down from the sky? Well, he really did! Read through Exodus 16 and...
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Bitterness at Marah – Kids Corner

Hi Kids, have a look at this weeks activity! This time we are learning about the Israelites’ experience at Marah. You can read more about in your Bibles by turning to the book of Exodus chapter 15 and reading verses 22 to 27. Once you have...
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The Story of Naaman and the Little Maid

Hi Kids! This weeks story is about about a little girl who used her voice to bring healing to man with leprosy. Naaman was an important man in Syria. He was the commander of the King’s army. The King thought Naaman was a very impressive...
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The Red Sea – Kids Corner

Hi Kids, check out this fun activity! Last week we learned about the Song of Moses, which the Israelites sung to God after He delivered them from Pharaoh and his army. This week we are still at the Red Sea – our activity is a colouring...
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The Song of Moses

Hi Kids, check out this fun activity! You will need to have a Bible handy, turned to Exodus chapter 1. Exodus is the second book of the Bible, right after Genesis. Do you remember the story of the Israelites fleeing from slavery in Egypt? They...
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The Lord Led Them

Hi Kids, check out this fun activity! This activity is about how God faithfully lead his people, the Israelites through the desert after escaping Egypt and the tyrant Pharaoh. Try and have a go without any help. If it’s too tricky have a...
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Deliverance from Egypt

Hi Kids, have a look at this fun activity! Use your bible to look up verses and complete the crossword. This time we’ll be learning about how God delivered the Israelites out of Egypt.  The Lord provided for the Israelites and blessed them, even...
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