The Most Wonderful Invitation

Lesson 3 | Sabbath, 20 October 2018 “These men [the disciples] were as true as steel to principle. They were men who would not fail nor be discouraged. They were full of reverence and zeal for God, full of noble purposes and aspirations. They...
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Morning And Evening Worship

“Abraham, ‘the friend of God,’ set us a worthy example. His was a life of prayer. Wherever he pitched his tent, close beside it was set up his altar, calling all within his encampment to the morning and the evening sacrifice. When his tent was...
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“Come and See”

Lesson 2 | Sabbath, 13 October 2018 “‘When you give up your own will, your own wisdom, and learn of Christ, you will find admittance into the kingdom of God. He requires entire, unreserved surrender. Give up your life for Him to order, mold, and...
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The Gift of God

INTRODUCTION As soon as Jesus began His ministry preaching that the kingdom of God was at hand, He called certain men to follow Him and become His disciples. Andrew and Simon, James and John on the shores of the Sea of Galilee heard His holy...
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Victory through Christ

Lesson 13 | Sabbath, 29 September 2018 “The great Captain of our salvation has conquered in our behalf, that through Him we might conquer, if we would, in our own behalf. But Christ saves none against their choice; He compels none to obedience....
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Am I a Good Soldier?

Lesson 12 | Sabbath, 22 September 2018 “The Lord has honored us by choosing us as His soldiers. Let us fight bravely for Him, maintaining the right in every transaction. Rectitude in all things is essential to the warfare of the soul. As you...
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The Battlefield

Lesson 11 | Sabbath, 15 September 2018 “The fallen world is the battlefield for the greatest conflict the heavenly universe and earthly powers have ever witnessed. It was appointed as a theater on which would be fought out the grand struggle...
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The Battle Plan

Lesson 10 | Sabbath, 8 September 2018 “Now the Saviour’s eye penetrates the future; He beholds the broader fields in which, after His death, the disciples are to be witnesses for Him. His prophetic glance takes in the experience of His servants...
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Fiji field conference

Greetings to our friends and brethren! Our Fijian brethren greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour and friend. Together we share the blessed hope of the soon coming of the Lord and with great urgency seek to be prepared...
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Sword of the Spirit

Lesson 9 | Sabbath, 1 September 2018 “A familiar acquaintance with the Scriptures sharpens the discerning powers and fortifies the soul against the attacks of Satan. The Bible is the sword of the Spirit, which will never fail to vanquish the...
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