Sarah and the Children of the Free

Introduction By the grace of God, the 26 lessons for this two quarter’s Sabbath school will study the lives of 26 different women mentioned in the Holy Scriptures compared with events to transpire in the days ahead. Just as Abraham is the father...
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Conflict and Victory

Lesson 26 | Sabbath, 27 June 2020 “There is a strife between the forces of good and evil, between the loyal and the disloyal angels. Christ and Satan are not at an agreement, and they never will be. In every age the true church of God has...
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In Danger Among Brethren

Lesson 25 | Sabbath, 20 June 2020 “Satan is constantly working through his agents to dishearten and destroy those whom God has chosen to accomplish a great and good work. They may be ready to sacrifice even life itself for the advancement of the...
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Fighting for the Faith

Lesson 24 | Sabbath, 13 June 2020 “For over three years Ephesus was the center of Paul’s work. A flourishing church was raised up here, and from this city the gospel spread throughout the province of Asia, among both Jews and Gentiles…. “In his...
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Drinking the Bitter Cup

Lesson 23 | Sabbath, 6 June 2020 “The awful moment had come–that moment which was to decide the destiny of the world. The fate of humanity trembled in the balance. Christ might even now refuse to drink the cup apportioned to guilty man. It was...
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Victory over Temptation

Lesson 22 | Sabbath, 30 May 2020 “After the baptism of Jesus in Jordan, He was led by the Spirit into the wilder- ness, to be tempted of the devil. The Holy Spirit had prepared Him for that special scene of fierce temptations. Forty days He was...
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Defended and Cleansed

Lesson 21 | Sabbath, 23 May 2020 “Satan seeks to bring us into temptation, that the evil of our characters may be revealed before men and angels, that he may claim us as his own. In the symbolic prophecy of Zechariah, Satan is seen standing at...
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Success in Spite of Every Threat

Lesson 20 | Sabbath, 16 May 2020 “Every device that the prince of darkness can suggest will be employed to in- duce God’s servants to form a confederacy with the agents of Satan. Repeated solicitations will come to call them from duty; but, like...
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Reconstruction, Vigilance, and Defense

Lesson 19 | Sabbath, 9 May 2020 “The people in general were animated with one heart and one soul of patriotism and cheerful activity. Men of ability and influence organized the various classes of citizens into companies, each leader making...
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The Temple Completed Despite Enemy Opposition

Lesson 18 | Sabbath, 2 May 2020 “Human power and human might did not establish the church of God, and neither can they destroy it. Not on the rock of human strength, but on Christ Jesus, the Rock of Ages, was the church founded, ‘and the gates...
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